Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working Somewhere in the Lower 48 States!!

Where is Trophy DOC??

Somewhere in the lower 48 states cleaning mounts in a Trophy Room.

That is usually the answer, when I am asked, "Where are you?"
The schedule below is an attempt to let you know where and when we will be throughout the year.
If you are close to one of these areas, let us know and we can include you in our schedule.
We consider a close trophy room to be within a state or two away from where we are at the time.

Our goal is to make as many house calls as needed right to your collection, in your trophy room.

Schedule for 2011

Southeast From Maryland to Florida and West to Louisiana
March and April

Northeast From Pennsylvania to Maine
May and June

Midwest From Ohio to the Mississippi

West from the Mississippi to the Pacific
August and September

Where Needed
October and November

Check our website for more details:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where has Miller Trophy Room gone??

They have gone out of business. 
After Steve Miller's passing the business
hit some bumps and was never the same.
The beginning of 2010,
I learned that Miller Trophy Room had gone out of business.
I had always liked working for Miller Trophy Room and realized that there was still a need for such a service as they had provided.
 A local house cleaner or handyman cannot take care of treating mounted animals because they don’t have the taxidermy background or restoration abilities if needed. Severe damage can be done if the mounts are handled wrongly.
Therefore, I decided that this type of service would work well to supplement my income from my taxidermy shop (I have been a taxidermist since 1982) located in Pennsylvania and so I extended my business to include Trophy DOC.
At Trophy DOC, we have developed, with the help of a chemist, natural products that are safe according to the EPA and are not harmful, toxic pesticides that adversely affect our health and the environment.